Freshly Picked Color

freshly picked color2 La-Z-boy Arizona Grapes

Spring has sprung and I’ve noticed the onset of delicious fruit in grocery stores. Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, and more, freshly picked and shipped for my delight! As summer ascends we will see even more delectable choices…peaches, nectarines, plums, and on and on. The thing that I always notice first is the color: deep red, golden yellow, bright orange and rich purple. I look for the most vibrant color in the fruit I pick. It signifies freshness and sweetness.

Picking color for your home can be just as delightful! Color has meaning psychologically and emotionally. It is an important element in the overall design of a space. How do you choose the best colors for your home?

Here are some tips:

Paint decks are divided into two sections, hues and neutrals. A hue is a pure color – with no black or white added. Neutrals are created by mixing a pure color with either black or white, or by mixing two complimentary colors.

freshly picked color La-Z-Boy Arizona dining

Room Designed by: Jill Morse Interior Designer Associate Member, IDS

Pure colors, all those found on the color wheel, will give your home energy, spunk, whimsy, and boldness.  Certain countries love pure colors…Mexico, Brazil and India are just a few. You can see it in their clothing, food and homes.

Neutral colors are easy to live with. They will give your home peace, tranquility, and continuity. They are the backdrop colors of the desert, country and city. Beige, tan, taupe, gray and all saturations of each can be used in combination to subtly accent architectural details.

Colors evoke emotion. Blues and greens are calming, reds and oranges are energetic, yellows and golds are cheerful. Think about how you want your room to feel when you walk in. Add color in your fabrics and accessories. Pick colors that fit that emotion!

Many paint manufacturers have color combinations already chosen for you. Look for booklets where you buy paint.

Partake in the wonderful abundance of fresh color. Be creative and bold; pick a color you’ve never tried before. Enjoy freshly picked color!

Author: Jill Morse, Interior Designer Associate Member, IDS


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