LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE! 5 Most Common Lighting Mistakes – What to Avoid

La-Z-Boy Arizona Lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect in interior design and is often the most overlooked. In order to see the beautiful creation of color and furniture, the room must be illuminated properly. A single light can change the way a room is viewed. Overcome the common pitfalls and punch up your space!

#5 Output – Lighting should have a different brightness depending on its task. Use highest wattage (150W) for task lighting such as over a kitchen island or at a desk. Medium wattage (100W) should be used to highlight a piece of art on a wall and lowest wattage (60W) should be used for ambient table lighting. This will give your room some depth and interest.

#4 Function – There are different lamps for different areas and uses. Place a torchiere lamp in the corner or with a slope ceiling for some up-light and eliminate the cave effect. Use directional or down lighting by a work surface or a reading chair.

#3 Style – Lighting should add something to a room when it’s OFF. Think of your light as a piece of art. Look at the shape or finish and make it relate to another piece in the room. This will give your room some personality.

#2 Matching – All of your lamps do not have to match. Try mixing glass globes with fabric shades. Or try a colored ceramic base with something a little more open with metal accents. This creates interest through materials.

#1 Scale – Lighting should relate to its surroundings. Too often lighting is either too big or too small for the other pieces in the room. Take into consideration ceiling height or table size when selecting pieces. Lighting should gradually break up the visual plane in a room and draw your eye around the space.

La-Z-Boy Arizona Lighting 2

Author: Erin Hoehn

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID


15 thoughts on “LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE! 5 Most Common Lighting Mistakes – What to Avoid

  1. Thank you for this very useful information. Unfortunately, life with Mom – in her house, with her furniture – prohibits my husband and I from taking advantage of your expertise. But someday, I’ll return when I can put your experience and advise into practice.

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