How Pinteresting! – Today’s Tartans and Plaids

AMC Mad Men Plaid

Click to watch – 60’s Mad Men Style meets La-Z-Boy Comfort on Fox News and Friends

Traditional Plaids and Tartans are fresh again this season. The classic colors of these patterns are reinvented where multiple plaids are layered by simply changing the scale.

Mya Sofa LaZBoy Arizona Style meets Comfort

The Mya Sofa by La-Z-Boy®

Plaid Wallpaper for the Bathroom

Photo Courtesy of: Veranda Magazine

Plaid is used here as wallpaper– We think this pattern works because of the split wood paneling that gives your eyes a break from all of the plaid! We adore the pedestal sink, sconce lighting and all of those masculine monograms!

Tartan and Plain Pinterest

Our favorite images of Tartans and Plaids — from Puppy Collars to Handbags — can be found on the Design Meets Comfort Pinterest page. Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to follow Design meets Comfort’s boards to see what’s inspiring us this season and to find out how Tartans and Plaids fit into the design and comfort of your lifestyle.

Plaid and Tartan

Photo Created Using: Olioboard – Click here to see our Design Projects

Author: Jennifer Chandos

Photos Courtesy of:

AMC TV – Mad Men

Veranda Magazine

Video Link Courtesy of:

Fox News


11 thoughts on “How Pinteresting! – Today’s Tartans and Plaids

  1. My Scottish roots can’t resist — I love the idea of decorating with tartans. As a Stewart, I have quite a few to choose from, but my newest favourite is the special tartan for Princess Diana — oh, those blues. And thanks so much for liking my ‘Colour Fun’ post.

  2. You had me at Mad Men. I need ….NEED…plaid in my living room. I will soon be changing out the tuscan chairs of 2003 for a pretty, timeless plaid. They weave in and out of trendy, but always stay classic.

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