Into the Gray – Clouds and Sunshine

Rain Boots and Puddle

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A beautiful cloudy day conjures up thoughts of fresh-baked pies, jumpable puddles, a cozy cup of tea, and a good read. A cloudy sky is a great place to see all the new shades of gray on the color trend scene… heather, steely, gun-metal, dolphin, and pale gray. All of these pair up in a fresh way with our old friend, yellow…sunshine, lemon, golden, and everything in between. The mix of gray and yellow is unexpected, sophisticated, and nothing less than brilliant!

Olioboard by Jill Morse, Interior Designer ASID

La-Z-Boy Products on Olioboard, Created by: Jill Morse Interior Designer Associate Member, IDS

How to mix them though? Try a heavily textured gray fabric, on a chair or sofa, and add a nickel colored metal table, topped with a golden-yellow ceramic lamp. Look for fabrics that combine the two colors and use them as pillows. Build a mini vignette from a pale yellow leather chair, a thick gray shag rug, a scrubbed cream, and gray floor lamp. And don’t forget to add a tiny splash of hot pink, velvet purple, or lipstick red; just because!

Author: Jill Morse Interior Designer Associate Member, IDS

Featured Products

  • Zoe Sofa by La-Z-Boy
  • Allegra Accent Chair by La-Z-Boy

7 thoughts on “Into the Gray – Clouds and Sunshine

  1. AWESOME post and room, makes me want to redecorate right now, Darn it! I especially like the nature picture, sometimes I think of grey and yellow as so contemporary, but I see how soothing and organic it can be. – Karla

  2. Thank you so much for reading, Karla. We are seeing gray in every style this season from traditional to contemporary. It’s used to ground bright cheery colors. This is the first addition of our ‘Into the Gray’ series. Stay tuned!

  3. This is a wonderful post! We love that you included the importance of deep, rich textures to complement as well as counteract one color overpowering another. The room featured has such a wonderful balance of color and lack as well as brilliant use of shades! Organic, comfortable, perfect!

  4. Great job Jill… I Love your Design’s! Let’s create some more wonderful rooms for our clients, together! Thank you always for all your help.


  5. I love the change up that the spider back chair gives this picture. Every room needs a touch of classic design. Well done!

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