Have no Fear, the Interior Designer is Here!

Are you scared of Interior Designers? You may be thinking a designer will judge your project, tell you your budget is too small, and will do what THEY want and not what you want. Don’t let your concerns keep you up at night; at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries®, our Interior Designers are different.

Keep Calm Design On

As La-Z-Boy Interior Designers, we work with our clients to establish the scope of the project. This may range from finding small finishing touches like art and accessories, to furnishing an entire home from the sofa to the bedding. A good designer will listen to their client and assess their wants, needs and outline a realistic budget for the project. This includes finding out which pieces are most special and being able to work them into the design.

When this is accomplished, a superior relationship develops as well as a great environment to enjoy!


Lisa Cook

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID

Lazboy Free In-Home Design Service

Contact us to take advantage of our complimentary, award-winning design service. 


4 thoughts on “Have no Fear, the Interior Designer is Here!

  1. I love Lazy Boy…the furiture is top quality and the designer Betsy is awesome…Our sales cosultant Cheri..is the best..we love both of them..If you want beautiful rooms that are comfortable and inviting, be sure to see Cheri and Betsy…my home is stunning thanks to them….

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