Sole Survivor

My fellow co-worker, Monique, has a daughter in high school. After work one day, Monique left to pick up a pair of pink, glittery shoes for her daughter to wear to her high school prom the next weekend. She had seen a pair of shoes that were exactly what she was looking for, advertised by TOMS. I’ve been a fan of TOMS myself for years and own several pairs. I know first-hand how comfortable they are and loved the idea that her daughter would probably be the last one standing at the end of her big night.

I saw Monique the day after the grand event and asked her if she had any pictures of her daughter sporting her “TOMS at Prom.” She did, indeed, and graciously sent them to me. Her daughter said that she danced every dance and didn’t have to leave at the end of the evening hobbling out with shoes in hand.

 Prom Toms

Talk about Design Meets Comfort! Like a comfortable La-Z-Boy sofa or chair, comfortable shoes are good for your sole!



Joel Lilliquist

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID


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