Casual Luxury – California Style

We all want, need and deserve more comfort in our lives…

Photo Credit: Richard Burrow Architecture

While visiting friends in California this weekend, I was immediately drawn to the casual luxury of their home and lovely surroundings.  Their home just felt good… it felt like a safe place where I could take my shoes off, relax and enjoy good food along with some great conversation.  You know the feeling… so how can you create that ambiance in your own home?

Devon Sectional Lazboy

Room Designed by: Lisa Cook Interior Designer Allied Member ASID
Featured Product: Devon Sectional available in custom fabrics and leathers at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® of Arizona

To create a casual comfortable space there are a few things to consider.  First, shed the formality…great design doesn’t need to be stiff and formal.  Next, find furniture that you feel good sitting in…if you love overstuffed chairs and sofas, that’s what comfort means to you.  Pay close attention to the textures you surround yourself in.  Some are drawn to soft cozy fabrics; others love crisp clean cotton.

Recognize and listen to your urges.  Unique table finishes, art that moves you, along with accessories you love will help to create a space that says comfort and luxury.

Wherever you may live, you deserve to be comfortable!



Julie Coleman

Director of Design for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® of Arizona

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID


3 thoughts on “Casual Luxury – California Style

  1. What beautiful rooms!

    And the geek in me has to point this out: One of the first things I noticed on the second picture is the rug. I was like “That’s a Ziegler.. or an Agra!” I am voting Ziegler, but I am wrong from time to time. ;D

    Love the rooms though. So beautiful.

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