A Tiskett, A Tassel

Tassels and Trim designmeetscomfort.com

We were recently at the High Point, North Carolina Furniture Market and visited a small space filled with luscious, beautiful TASSELS! There were so many colors and textures to choose from, but what to do with them?

 Tassels designmeetscomfort.com

Tassels are a wonderful way to dress up anything ordinary! Pillows and window treatments are the expected places to use tassels, but how about adorning a doorknob, lamp, bedpost, or vase? The corner of a picture frame, overhead light fixture, or cabinet handle, also make great spots to hang tassels.

 Uses for Tassels designmeetscomfort.com

Are you ready to embellish something in your home with a tassel? You can get them in any fabric store, craft store or you can try making your own. There are lots of good tutorials online. Try using different yarns, ribbons, fabric strips, beads or crystals.

Tassels make the ordinary extraordinary!


Jill Morse

Interior Designer

Associate Member, IDS


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