Into the Gray – Rain in the Desert

Phoenix Rain

It rained yesterday in Phoenix. It never rains in Phoenix. The only time it rains in Phoenix is when it gets so hot the sky actually sweats, we mean, it literally sweats. But yesterday it rained in Phoenix.

We love the desert when it rains…

As desert dwellers we can sometimes be a little hesitant to venture into the blustery world of grey. There are no texts, phone calls, and Angry Birds being hurled while driving today; only the radio is on, volume set low, while Detour Dan relays the mayhem that lies ahead. We celebrate our sunshine and 115° temperatures 360 days of the year. We are often tempted to leave the grays to our friends in Seattle, San Francisco or Siberia. But the billowing cloud tones on the horizon aren’t the downtrodden blues of the past. Today’s grays are crisp, bleached, dappled, fresh, harmonious, pure and unrestrained.

 Gray Fabrics by La-Z-Boy

Grey is making its splash with shades of peacock, papaya, and lemon. It’s a color that shows subtle strength when it steps out with linen, cola, saffron, and blue; and can knock the formal edge off crispy whites. Grey is the newest neutral popping up from runways to front entries. I guess it’s safe to say we are seeing grey in a whole new light!

Delaney Collection by La-Z-Boy Furniture

Featured Product:
The Delaney Sofa by La-Z-Boy Furniture

Take off your sunglasses and enjoy the rain!


Sonja Shaw

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID

Series: Into the Gray 


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