Into the Gray – Charcoal and Papaya

Papayas Fruit

Charcoal…a deep, smoky gray, with sophisticated undertones. Papaya…a bright, juicy orange, with significant pink tones. Combine these two colors to experience fireworks, beautiful contrasts, and sweet notes that make any space sing with delight!

Gray and Orange Inspired

How do you use charcoal and papaya, practically speaking? Start with the strongest color, papaya, for accent pieces in your room: artwork, lamps, area rugs, and accessories. Use charcoal on upholstery to ground your room. Charcoal is a great color in chenille, twill, or corduroy; to upholster a tailored sofa, wing-back chair, or overstuffed club chair and ottoman. To give your room drama and contrast, use the darkest shade of charcoal on the largest piece of upholstery and use lighter shades on smaller ones. Sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular room you created!

Fabric Swatches

Fabrics Available at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Arizona

Look for crisp lime and white patterns in cotton fabrics, bright green leathers, or fuzzy chenille and combine them with gray tweeds, corduroys, or silks. Try pewter tables, wall art, or sculpture to add the steel color to your room. Add the magic of lime in paintings, area rugs, and greenery.

Olioboard Project by Jill Morse

La-Z-Boy Products on Olioboard
Created by: Jill Morse Interior Designer Associate Member, IDS


Jill Morse

Interior Designer

Associate Member, IDS

Series: Into the Gray

Featured Products:

Zoe Sofa by La-Z-Boy Furniture


2 thoughts on “Into the Gray – Charcoal and Papaya

  1. loving the combination of the grey and shades of orange, have you had any clients that has asked you to use this combination? In 6 years @ lazboy only one client has asked for grey… (with red)
    I enjoy you blog, thanks for the great posts… have a nice weekend.
    Regards, Carol Anne Calgary Lazboy

    • Thank you so much for reading, Carol Anne. Gray tones in general are popular here in Arizona. Our designers like to guide clients to add some orange or other similar warm colors to gray tones. We are fortunate to have a whole array of fabrics in our line right now to achieve this.

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