Time Travel – Turn of the Century

I heard a really interesting quote a couple of weeks ago, “The top 10 most in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.” While I’m not convinced this is entirely true, it makes me think. Technology and information are available to us in 2012 in a way that 5 years ago was still only science fiction. Our cars know our location more often than we do, contact lenses are being implanted with LEDs to access the internet and home computers, and we send words into space and access the globe with the swipe of a finger: all while drinking our post-yoga coffee. The point is, with the ever-increasing velocity that our world is spinning around us, I find beautiful contrast to the high-speed shine and blur in the resurgence of all things turn of the century vintage.

LED Contact Lenses

Cyberspace and Cyber Design

Modern Zane Sectional by La-Z-Boy - Black Leather

Featured Product:
The Zane Sectional by La-Z-Boy Furniture

As a designer, I have been watching this trend sneak up on us as quietly and refreshing as the soft whir of a steel fan on the front porch. From mountain cottages to New York lofts, the incorporation of early 20th century industrial elements and antiques find a welcomed place in our hyper-technological lives. The worn iron and metal details remind our polished nickel and stainless steel of their roots. Knotty pine and deep limed oak speak words of wisdom to the newcomers; rubberwood and lenga.

Turn of Century fan

The Daphne Sofa by La-Z-Boy Furniture - Industrial Loft

Featured Product:
The Daphne Sofa by La-Z-Boy Furniture

Turn of Century Industrial Factories

World War II era ship yards are giving birth to dining chairs, barstools, light fixtures, and architectural hardware. While pre-polyester synthetics mix and play with small town burlaps and clothesline linens, we look to the past and are reminded to take the time to slow down a minute, drink some lemonade from a mason jar, and perhaps even gather the strength of Rosie the Riveter when our Prius gives us the wrong directions to Starbucks.

Turn of Century Ship Yard

Turn of Century Hammary Structure Crossnoire & Vecchio

Featured Products:
The Structure, Crossnoire and Veccio Occasional Table Collections by Hammary – A La-Z-Boy Furniture Company


Sonja Shaw

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID


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