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Q: How do I get my room to flow like the magazine pictures I see?

A: Often in those pictures you see a focal color that is dispersed around the room to help move your eye. You see color in accessories, paint, fabric, and art. To help your focal color “pop,” vary the color that surrounds in contrast. Look closely at the monochromatic schemes. Generally, you tend to see contrast built with texture, pattern, and different tones of the same color.

Grayscale Room A

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Erin Hoehn

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID


Becky Dahse-Lobdell

Interior Designer


4 thoughts on “Ask our Designers – The Magazine Room

  1. I just wanted to commend whoever did the graphics/photos! The way the color was added to each picture a bit at a time was quite eye catching! I think this really portrays to the beginner, “do-it-yourselfer” or just plain “curious about how it all comes together person” how it all actually can be tied together in a room and how the smallest amount of color can impact a room in a very big way! Great job!

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