How Pinteresting! The Plum Trend

The Malina Sofa by La-Z-Boy Furniture

Featured Product: The Malina Sofa by La-Z-Boy Furniture

Color trends come and go, but one constant remains: the most powerful element in home design is color, and Plum is back! In the coming year, we will see purple home décor welcomed back to the ranks of trendy. As you receive your fall catalogs showing off the new product collections, watch for ways to bring plum into your home décor.

Plum Montage - Design meets Comfort - La-Z-Boy Arizona

In its darkest form, plum was seen in combinations with warm shades of mustard, grey, olive, and rich reds. The soft, almost ethereal, side of plum paired wonderfully with the warm grays and linens for a more subdued room setting.

Featured Products by La-Z-Boy Furniture

This time around purple is taking on a sophisticated look. Instead of royal purple, we find dusty plum joining the new home décor color palettes. Plum is already showing up in home décor products. As the year progresses and fall product lines are released, expect to see it become more and more prevalent. While plum brings quiet color to a room when paired with gray, it can also be blended with tangerine or sunny gold for a modern pop of color.

Lilacs and Daffodils

Dusty Plum Wall Color

Crystal Plum Door Knob

Plum and Gold

Our favorite images of plum — from wallpaper to wedding cakes — can be found on the Design Meets Comfort Pinterest page. Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to follow Design meets Comfort’s boards to see what’s inspiring us this season.

Plum ~Trend Pinterest Board - Design meets Comfort


Jennifer Chandos

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