Empty Home – Tight Budget

moving boxes

My amazing daughter Brittany is in the process of buying her first home! It’s an adorable condo in the central part of town that has been completely refurbished. The complex was built in 1962, so it has a retro look which the owners have beautifully preserved.

It will be fun to help her design the interior of her new place. Her style is…well…glam, shabby chic, traditional! She loves tufted sofas, oversized wing back chairs, mirrored chests, flocked wall paper, painted distressed wood tables and jewel tones with cream or white.

Upcycled Headboard

Via style-files.com

How do I know this about my daughter? Pinterest! It’s amazing how someone’s boards on Pinterest can so clearly define their style! (If you don’t have a Pinterest board yet, make haste and start pinning!)

 Bright, Glam and Shabby Chic Decor

My girl is on a very tight budget, so we are brainstorming about how to infuse “Brittany” into the space without spending too much money. The condo is already painted in a very neutral tan color, with tan and cream swirled tile, dark cabinets, and cream, tan and black granite…a great backdrop for her style. There are floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors in the living room, dining area and bedrooms. Over the next few weeks we will outline our plan. Here is our first idea…

The Drapery Panels~

Drapes are one of the least expensive ways to add drama and richness to a space. They provide privacy as well as insulation. There are thousands of ready-made drapery panels available in every color, fabric, and texture, ranging from $10.00 to $100.00. I’m thinking of a modified velvet in a steely gray or a chocolate-brown to define Brittany’s “Glam, Chic, Traditional” style.

 DIY Draperies

If you know how to sew, drapery panels can be easily made with a few measurements and some hems.

  1. Use full widths of fabric and hem on every side.

  2. Attach to your rod with clip-on rings.

  3. Look for a fabric with a good weight to it and some flexibility. There are many fabrics which make excellent drapes. These two elements help the drapes hang correctly.

Drapes help to frame a beautiful (or not so beautiful) window. They can dress up a room in as long as it takes to install a drapery rod, about 10 minutes. Oh, and speaking of rods, there are many from which to choose…try shiny silver with a crystal finial, or a rustic bronze with a scrolled finial, or how about a real tree branch put up on wood brackets. There are endless choices for rods and lots of places to get them.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that everyone has a style, even a 1st time homeowner. Pinterest is a great starting point when I need to understand a client’s style. Even when the client is my daughter.


Jill Morse

Interior Designer

Associate Member, IDS


2 thoughts on “Empty Home – Tight Budget

  1. Sounds like a fun project! Great insight on the draperies! I agree between draperies and some accessorizing, you can “glam up” a place on less money than what most people think.

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