Decorating Commitment Issues

Commitment Issues

You would think an article about commitment issues and lack of self-confidence that we would be talking about relationships and dating. But in fact, the same issues apply to decorating your home.

Redecorating your home, or just one room, can seem like an impossible task. Many of us are plagued with unanswered questions from the beginning: Where do I start? Am I making the right choice? Is this the right color to pick? These questions can leave us full of self-doubt, indecision and fear.

Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer

Sherwin-Williams® Color Visualizer

If this is you, here are a few questions to answer:

  1. Do you put off big decisions for long periods of time? (i.e.; it takes you months to commit to a paint color or hang a piece of art on your wall)

  2. Do you ask EVERYONE their opinion and instead of that helping, it creates even more indecision?

  3. Once you know everyone’s opinion are you now afraid to do anything because whatever you do will be the opposite of what one of your girlfriends told you?

  4. Are you more concerned with the current trend and abiding by those rules than surrounding yourself what you actually enjoy?

  5. You don’t start, don’t finish or don’t try because you are terrified of imperfection?

If you said yes to ANY of these questions you may have decorating commitment issues. In order to gain confidence in your decorating decisions, you simply need a plan, and here it is:

 La-Z-Boy Floor Plan

Lifestyle and Function

  • Sleeping? Eating? Relaxing? Working?

  • Who in your family uses the room: Adults? Kids? Pets?

  • Will you entertain?

Measure Twice Buy Once

  • The pros know – you should arrive to our store with room measurements in-hand.

  • Consider Scale – The high-ceiling environments of many retailers can be misleading.

  • The age of your home could have an impact on the scale of furniture you select as well. Older homes, with traditional eight-foot ceilings, could feel cramped when filled with over-stuffed furniture. On the other side, a newer home with soaring vaulted ceilings might feel bare with petite sofa.


  • Many home design experts recommend that you create an idea file.

  • Whether you plan to do the design yourself or take advantage our Complimentary Design Service, it’s a good idea to have a place to start. We highly recommend using Pinterest.

Color Scheme

  • A pre-determined color scheme will lead to a more cohesive, polished look for your room.

  • If you have a piece of artwork, an accessory or a collection you plan to include in the room, then take your color inspiration from there.

Take Your Samples With You

  • Fabric or Leather samples of furniture you are keeping (or high quality photos)

  • Flooring and wood finishes.

  • Paint samples if you have selected them.

  • Measurements of furniture you are keeping.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Do not leave the house until you know the answers to these questions. Otherwise, you’ll be running back and forth, creating more indecision and fear and putting off your beautiful room even longer.

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Author: Jennifer Chandos


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