An Edible Christmas

I love the holidays, but when it comes to decorations, I just don’t have anywhere to store them after the holiday season is done. When I entertain, I still want to be festive, so my friend came to my rescue and gave me some cute, edible, holiday decoration ideas.

The Cheeseball Snowman

Cheese Ball Snowman

Courtesy of: Betty Crocker

Start with a block of cream cheese; add a ¼ lb. of thinly chopped ham, 3 stalks of finely chopped green onions, and a ¼ cup of shredded cheddar cheese.

Form into 2 balls; 1 large and 1 small, and then frost with cream cheese

Use a small slice of a carrot for the nose, chopped black olives for the eyes and buttons, a sliced pimento for the mouth, asparagus for the arms, and shaved salami for the scarf.



Christmas Fruit Tree

Fruit Christmas Tree by welldonestuff

Courtesy of:

Using and apple, a carrot and some toothpicks as the base of your edible tree, use a cookie cutters in the shape of a star and Christmas tree.

Using the cookie cutters, cut out one star and multiple trees in a melon or cantaloupe.

Then, using your favorite fruits and berries, start to arrange them on the tree by sticking them on the toothpicks to secure them in place, and top with your star!



Rice Krispie Treat Ornaments

Rice Krispie Ornaments

Courtesy of:

Melt ¼ cup butter in a large saucepan and add 1 package of marshmallows, stirring constantly until combined.

Then add 1 tsp. vanilla, 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal and mix until all of the cereal is coated.

Butter your hands and then and shape the cereal into six balls packed tightly.

For the top, stick a toothpick into one end of a small marshmallow and the other end of the toothpick goes into the Rice Krispie ornament.

Use a piece of red rope licorice for the ornament hook.

Finish decorating as desired.

Candy Cane Martini

Candy Cane Martini by Martha Stewart

Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Take a martini glass and dip it in water and then into a dish of finely crushed candy canes.

Separately, mix 2 parts vodka, with 1 part crème de cocoa light, 1 part peppermint schnapps, and a splash of grenadine.

Shake with ice, and strain into martini glass.

Enjoy your holiday celebration! The best part, at the end of the night, all your “decorations” can be stored in the refrigerator or sent home with your guests!


Michelle Djurovic

Michelle Djurovic

Interior Designer Allied Member ASID


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