Little Noah’s ‘Touch Me’ Tree

Toddler Christmas Tree | Design meets Comfort

Sharing Christmas through the innocent eyes of a 15 month old is all the heart needs at the holidays.

Noah, my Grandson is 15 months old and needless to say, he is into everything, so when it came time to put my Christmas tree up, I thought twice about it.  I don’t want to be the Grandma who is always saying “No…Please don’t touch the tree!”  One afternoon, I was explaining my dilemma with a close friend who also happens to be Grandma 3 times.


Her suggestion was to have a “Touch Me Tree”.  No, it’s not a “Clap on Clap off” tree; it’s a small tree that my Grandson can decorate anyway he wants. So I promptly went out and purchased a small tree with the lights already on it and spent a few dollars on plastic and soft ornaments (nothing breakable).

Noah came over a few nights later to spend the night and a tradition began.  A fun-filled evening of holiday music; cookies, milk and watching him decorate his “Touch Me” Tree.  He had more fun playing with the ornaments and carrying them all around the house but he eventually made it back to the tree to place them.  As you can see, he very delicately placed his ornaments in the tree instead of hanging them on the tree and everything is all in one spot.

This tree will not win any awards for “Best Looking” Christmas tree but as time goes on and I suspect his tree will become better looking every year. This tradition will continue every year at Grandma’s house but I will never forget his first “Touch Me” tree and the memories that came with it.


Kathy Till

Kathy Till

Vice President of Human Resources and Personnel Development


4 thoughts on “Little Noah’s ‘Touch Me’ Tree

  1. I love everything about Noah’s tree! I predict Noah will keep the tradition with his family someday. Traditions and family . . . It doesn’t get any better than this!

  2. I love this article! I can totally relate! I have (3) grandkids that live with me and my tree gets decorated and redecorated on a daily basis. I just put up the breakables and purchased a big container of plastic ornaments. It is so much fun watching them, as two lose interest and the other is still fascinated with how it should look. Why not have all the decorations in one spot? No need to worry if all even on all sides then!

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