The Newlyweds – Help, our styles are opposite!

His and Hers

Once upon a time…

I was designing a room for a recently married couple, and it made me flash back to last year when my husband and I bought our first home and had to decide on furniture. I couldn’t believe how much more I learned about my husband just from trying to pick out furniture. Turns out, our styles were completely opposite.

So, now that you’re married, how do you marry your styles?

In my case, my husband is from Serbia, and is a bit more on the traditional side. I’m talking hand made doilies, traditional hand painted waterscapes, and deep, dark colors. His Style Room

I’m a bit on the contemporary side. Clean lines, dark woods, and bright colors. Her Style Room

As much as I would love to disregard his style completely, I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely stash those doilies and handmade folk dolls away in drawers hoping he won’t notice; but I can’t quite hide his big overstuffed chair under our bed…

To get a home that represented both of us, we had to find ways to compromise. We were able to marry my contemporary with his traditional, to find our new transitional style. I got the clean lines I love in the sofa and bright accent colors, and my husband got his leather recliner and large scale tables.

The Kennedy Sofa by La-Z-Boy

…and we lived happily ever after.


Michelle Djurovic

Michelle Djurovic

Interior Designer Allied Member ASID


2 thoughts on “The Newlyweds – Help, our styles are opposite!

  1. Great article! I could really relate to it! Even after 21 years of marriage, I’m still surprised at some of the very different choices my husband I make on occassion! We also bought a home about a year ago and still have no art on our walls because we can’t agree. Even though we both are on the contemporary style side, my husband really likes the more realistic looking pictures, that I feel are more traditional and I like the more bright, abstract art. I know one day we’ll find something wonderful that will allow us to meet in the middle!

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