The New Southwest Design

Coming from the Midwest, the Southwest style seemed almost foreign to me. I always thought of Kokopelli, coyotes, paintings of Adobe dwellings, metal suns, and storyteller dolls. WOW, was I wrong!

How NOT to decorate in Southwest Style | La-Z-Boy of Arizona

The Southwest style, taking cues from Mexico and Europe, has become one of my favorites to design. I’m always trying to find a new way to give it an updated twist.

Here are a few key ingredients for that Southwest style with a KICK:

1. TEXTURE – The Southwest style is all about texture! I love to see the different elements I can work into a design; flat weave fabrics mixed with clean, cool leather; antiqued metal accents; a glazed ceramic lamp; and even some painted wood pieces.

Southwest Style Texture Inspiration | La-Z-Boy of Arizona

2. COLOR – Let the desert inspire you! By bringing color in with a few key pieces, it can make all the difference. Picture the Grand Canyon at sunset. Introduce mini explosions of color, like turquoise or red, with your neutrals whether it’s the fabric on a chair, or a bright painted table.

Southwest Style Color Inspiration | La-Z-Boy of Arizona

3. MIX IT UP – Don’t be afraid to get creative! The best thing about the Southwest style is how eclectic it can be. I’ve designed rooms that don’t have any pieces that “match” but just flow together so well that it seems like they were meant to be together. Have all your end tables different or mix up your dining chairs!

Southwest Living Room by La-Z-Boy Arizona - Design meets Comfort

Southwest Entry Way by La-Z-Boy Arizona - Design meets Comfort

Have some fun with it! The Southwest style is comfortable and inviting but most importantly about the destination and lifestyle.


Michelle Djorovic

Michhelle Djurovic - Interior Designer ASID Allied Member

Interior Designer Allied Member ASID


Julie Coleman

Julie Coleman - Interior Designer ASID Allied Member

Interior Designer Allied Member ASID


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