Lighting Up the Southwest

Whether you want just a touch of rustic flair, or pure Yippee-Ki-Yay, choosing lamps to go with your Southwest design is all about STYLE, COLOR, and FINISH.

Imagine gorgeous Southwest sunsets: Ceramics and resin materials in tones or rich reds, sultry oranges, and glowing golds.

Picture the great frontier, rough and raw: Copper and bronze metals, slate stone, nailhead accents, and heavily textured lampshades.

Reminisce a cowboy rodeo: Fence posts, gun holes, wooden barrels, and lampshades in suede or rawhide.

Pioneer the way with Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright: Leaded, colored art-glass lampshades and Mission linear metal bases.

Sophisticated and full of bling: Copper, gold, bronze, glitz, and glamour. Oh, so pretty!

Designer tips: Make sure to consider the scale of your lamps with the rest of your décor. And remember, the lighter the shade, the more reading light you will enjoy.


Betsy Burgan

Betsy Burgan - Interior Designer ASID Allied Member

Interior Designer Allied Member – ASID


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