The Warmth of a Southwest Home

Southwestern style architecture can be impressive and stately; complete with large rooms, high ceilings and entryways to reflect the vast, wild landscape. Without the proper furnishings, your home may appear daunting and unwelcoming. It’s important to choose furniture that coincides with the size of your rooms and will develop a well-worn patina over time. Continue reading


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Living Room designed by Erin Hoehn | La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Arizona

Interior Design has been a critical part of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® of Arizona since 1998. Every year our designers choose their favorite project and submit to a panel of judges for the coveted title of Design Ambassador. Take a peek … Continue reading

The Metal Element – From Modern to Traditional

Metal Wall Decor Silver

Metalwork and iron furniture has made an interesting journey through the years. Wrought iron furniture often reminds me of Victorian elegance that brings an aura of old world charm to any home. Ornate floral and leaf designs add beauty and … Continue reading

Into the Gray – Steel and Lime

Lime and Steel Gray Room

Cities, skyscrapers, urban landscapes…the wonder of steel; cut, molded, and welded into tall buildings, street lamps and signs, railings, and benches. These are the pieces of the cities in which we live, pass through, and love with a passion. Match … Continue reading